A visit to the Dannakil Depression – Seeing God’s handywork

This post was written by Rhonda Sand on March 30, 2012

Many who watch prophecy indicate that this is another one of the signs that the heavens are God’s and so is the earth. The area of Ethiopia known as the Danakil Depression is not only the lowest and hottest place on earth, but it is also a geological site where you can see geologically where the great deep burst forth. The sites can be seen on a 2 night overland journey or a fly over on privately chartered itineraries. In addition, the dry area was once flooded by the Red Sea and it created huge salt basins. We had a great visit! We slept out under the stars and the coolest it got all night was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is a brief video of our drive across the salt flat on one of the trips. How amazing that this salt flat may also have been created by God’s causing the Red Sea to separate for the great Exodus of Egypt! I am also attaching a telling geological picture of the various shades of the earth that were pushed up in the Dannakil. It is clearly seen also because of a lack of foliage due to the heat and the gases that still are oozing out of the earth. If anyone has been to Yellowstone National Park and seen the thermal pools – the Dannakil tops it hands down! You can actually camp out at the thermal pools if you can withstand the heat. Creation teachers could go crazy out here! Let me know if you are up for this type of adventure…it is not for the unfit or for anyone who can’t enjoy 4 hours of intense 4 wheeling. Rhonda


Yeha Temple – Timeless Archeology

This post was written by Rhonda Sand on November 29, 2011

Rhonda Sand inside Yeha Temple, Northern EthiopiaThe Temple at Yeha is located near Adwa in Northern Ethiopia. There are so many people who visit Axum (Aksum) and of course Mekele in Northern Ethiopia for the festivals, stele’s and churches. I think they have really missed out by not taking in a personal tour of the Temple at Yeha. They have a small museum filled with Sabean writings and ancient Christian manuscripts and Bibles.

The structure pictured above has baptismal type water holders and significant stone work.

Watch for Yohannes Wolge’s work to be published in the coming year on this amazing site.

We stay in nearby Axum in order to reach it on a day trip. Thank you Yohannes for amazing insight! Rhonda Sand


Columbia River Fall Yachting Surprises

This post was written by Rhonda Sand on November 26, 2011

This past fall I went down and visited one of the yachts plus one of the larger ships that comes up the Columbia River. What an awesome surprise! The yacht – Safari Spirit and the small ships that come into Clarkston were brimming with passengers that have had great experiences both with the great outdoors and of course with some of Washington and Oregon’s great wineries.

I thought the chill in the air indicating fall was here would be too much for the cruisers, but I was wrong! The outdoor activities were spectacular…Hell’s River Canyon and steelhead fishing. I think anyone can overlook 50 degree weather when you can be a part of a steelhead fishing trip.

The colors of fall along the Snake blended into the mountains of the palouse in a way that was like a painting. As a matter of fact I ran into a couple who were painting some of the scenes along the river route.

I am heading down towards the end of the season and will report more in the coming weeks. It is no wonder that the Columbia/Snake River cruises are becoming more popular. It is an out of the way, unique all American destination.


Lake Awasa & Runner Haile Selassie’s Signature Hotel

This post was written by Rhonda Sand on December 11, 2010

I am not sure why I am so captivated with Ethiopia and its history. It is as if Bible scholars barely know she exists.

We recently returned and got to see Haile Gebre Selassie’s new hotel on beautiful Lake Awasa. Check out the photo above. Haile is the greatest long distance runner of all time. It was great seeing him walk the grounds making sure all was in order.

Some of my favorite tid bits about Ethiopia are as follows:
Tom Verde, in his book City of Obelisks wrote “the northern Ethiopian town of Axum has to be the world’s only tourist destination where the most famous attraction is something nobody is allowed to see.

Even though Ethiopia is located in Africa there is more on Ethiopia in the Journal of Semitic Studies than in the Journal of Africa History. Also, Sabaen script is Sheba or another name for Ethiopian script.

The current Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abune Pawlos, proclaimed, “faith does not go well with scientific proof. We don’t doubt it, that it is here, in our place. We don’t have to prove it to anyone. You want to believe, it is your privilege. If you don’t want to believe, it’s your privilege again. It is here and we believe it.”

Having many times looked into the eyes of the old Priest who has guarded the Ark for probably 65+ years I can hardly imagine that this humble soul would have guarded a lie in exchange for his life. Yohannes said he took a picture of me receiving a blessings from this gentle man. I will post it if he lets me have it.


Discovery of the First Resting Place of the Ark of Covenant in Ethiopia

This post was written by Rhonda Sand on November 27, 2010

On September 27, 2010 I was able to film our interview of Dr. Tewdros Abreham at the Palace of Dungur or Dungar Palace in Aksum (Axum), Ethiopia. Dr. Abreham is the curator of the museum at Aksum. This palace is known locally as the Queen of Sheba Palace. Interestingly there is a large lion inscription near the entrance to the palace. This is commonly known as the Lion of Judah marking. The exciting news that we received was that a German archeologist named Dr. Helmut Ziegert is preparing to announce some incredible findings that does place the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia during the time of the Queen of Sheba’s reign. We brought Dr. Yohannes Zeleke from Washington DC to perform the interview.

Ethiopia is fast becoming an incredible Bible study destination. Please stay tuned for more information as to the release of the data.

Video by Rhonda Sand September 27, 2010