Older Cruise Ships Face an Uncertain Future

The era of classic ships creating unique and memorable experiences may dwindle or come to an end by October 2010 if these classic liners are not upgraded to new SOLAS standards. These luxury ships began sailing early in the 1900’s with the interior modeling reflecting those historic times. Many ocean lovers looking for an unforgettable […]

SOLAS 2010

The new Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) 2010 has recently put into effect new standards of safety for all cruise ships that sail the world. Historic luxury liners such as the Rotterdam, M/S Black, M/S Van Gogh, M/S Sapphire, and many others will be required to comply with all new safety standards outlined in […]

5 Reasons to Book a Cruise for Your Family

Family vacations are full of memories. Some memories are better than others. Everyone has heard of the horror stories surrounding the infamous road trip phrase, “are we there yet?” While road trips can provide some fantastic sightseeing opportunities, they are often stressful for parents. Often parents are looking for a convenient, stress-free vacation that isn’t […]

Summer isn’t Over…Cruise the Carribean Now!

Fully crewed motor yachts and sailboats are now available at extremely reduced rates. For example, you can book a  72 foot ketch for a week that accommodates 8 passengers and save over $6000 off of the normal rates! With over 90 sailing yachts and 30 motor yachts available, the possibilities to relax in a warm, […]

Check Out My Interview!

I was recently interviewed by a local Coeur d’Alene writer for a series on entrepreneurs. You can read the entire interview here. I hope you’ll enjoy the insights into some of my thoughts and goals for TMI Tours & Cruises.