See the World on This Amazing Cruise!

Have you ever thought about taking a year off from your hectic schedule and just traveling? Well, here’s one exciting, amazing way to see the world in a year! One of TMI Tours’ cruise partners and a fellow member of Virtuoso has created a 335-day circumnavigation of the world. This amazing voyage will depart Singapore […]

Considering a Cruise Vacation for the First Time?

Never been on a cruise before? Then you probably have lots and lots of questions…and that’s OK! TMI Tours & Cruises has been involved in the cruise industry for decades. We have an unbelievable amount of experience and knowledge about everything related to cruising. Please feel free to ask us questions! Ask us anything, whether […]

A Very Unique, Out of the Ordinary Cruise Experience – Part 2

So, what’s the best way to visit these stunning, distinctive locations? Why by ship of course! An incomparable itinerary deserves a really unique ship too…such as the RMS St. Helena. The 6,767 GT, 345-foot RMS St. Helena, built in 1989, sails with British and St. Helenian officers and crew, and carries 1,500 tons of cargo […]

A Very Unique, Out of the Ordinary Cruise Experience –Part 1

Are you wanting to get away from the normal cruise itinerary, shore excursions, and typical amenities offered by the usual cruise lines? Looking for a truly unique, unusual cruise experience? Have you ever heard of Ascension Island or St. Helena? How about Walvis Bay? These are some lesser known, absolutely beautiful islands and locations along […]