Proclaim it in the distant coastlands…

This post was written by Rhonda Sand on September 13, 2010
Posted Under: Christian Cruise Ideas,River Cruises,Ship Charter,Unique Cruise Experiences

Jeremiah 31:10 has always been a favorite of mine.  Using ships and boats for transportation and accomodation is rarely considered on Christian mission trips.  But, I have worked with some creative mission minded Pastors who have allowed me to create a fantastic way of chartering and using ships, boats and other vessels to access remote areas. I have some favorite vessels in Central America, the Caribbean, New Guinea, remote Alaska and Russia and of course the many rivers including the Zambezi River in the Zambia, the Nile, the Amazon to reach remote Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.  The opportunities are endless. If you have a remote coastland or river based community on your heart send me an email at [email protected] or call our office at 888 771 8717 ask for Rhonda Sand or Debra Nordberg.

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