Discovery of the First Resting Place of the Ark of Covenant in Ethiopia

This post was written by Rhonda Sand on November 27, 2010
Posted Under: Biblical Archeology,Ethiopia

On September 27, 2010 I was able to film our interview of Dr. Tewdros Abreham at the Palace of Dungur or Dungar Palace in Aksum (Axum), Ethiopia. Dr. Abreham is the curator of the museum at Aksum. This palace is known locally as the Queen of Sheba Palace. Interestingly there is a large lion inscription near the entrance to the palace. This is commonly known as the Lion of Judah marking. The exciting news that we received was that a German archeologist named Dr. Helmut Ziegert is preparing to announce some incredible findings that does place the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia during the time of the Queen of Sheba’s reign. We brought Dr. Yohannes Zeleke from Washington DC to perform the interview.

Ethiopia is fast becoming an incredible Bible study destination. Please stay tuned for more information as to the release of the data.

Video by Rhonda Sand September 27, 2010

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