Lake Awasa & Runner Haile Selassie’s Signature Hotel

This post was written by Rhonda Sand on December 11, 2010
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I am not sure why I am so captivated with Ethiopia and its history. It is as if Bible scholars barely know she exists.

We recently returned and got to see Haile Gebre Selassie’s new hotel on beautiful Lake Awasa. Check out the photo above. Haile is the greatest long distance runner of all time. It was great seeing him walk the grounds making sure all was in order.

Some of my favorite tid bits about Ethiopia are as follows:
Tom Verde, in his book City of Obelisks wrote “the northern Ethiopian town of Axum has to be the world’s only tourist destination where the most famous attraction is something nobody is allowed to see.

Even though Ethiopia is located in Africa there is more on Ethiopia in the Journal of Semitic Studies than in the Journal of Africa History. Also, Sabaen script is Sheba or another name for Ethiopian script.

The current Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abune Pawlos, proclaimed, “faith does not go well with scientific proof. We don’t doubt it, that it is here, in our place. We don’t have to prove it to anyone. You want to believe, it is your privilege. If you don’t want to believe, it’s your privilege again. It is here and we believe it.”

Having many times looked into the eyes of the old Priest who has guarded the Ark for probably 65+ years I can hardly imagine that this humble soul would have guarded a lie in exchange for his life. Yohannes said he took a picture of me receiving a blessings from this gentle man. I will post it if he lets me have it.

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