Columbia River Fall Yachting Surprises

This past fall I went down and visited one of the yachts plus one of the larger ships that comes up the Columbia River. What an awesome surprise! The yacht – Safari Spirit and the small ships that come into Clarkston were brimming with passengers that have had great experiences both with the great outdoors and of course with some of Washington and Oregon’s great wineries.

I thought the chill in the air indicating fall was here would be too much for the cruisers, but I was wrong! The outdoor activities were spectacular…Hell’s River Canyon and steelhead fishing. I think anyone can overlook 50 degree weather when you can be a part of a steelhead fishing trip.

The colors of fall along the Snake blended into the mountains of the palouse in a way that was like a painting. As a matter of fact I ran into a couple who were painting some of the scenes along the river route.

I am heading down towards the end of the season and will report more in the coming weeks. It is no wonder that the Columbia/Snake River cruises are becoming more popular. It is an out of the way, unique all American destination.

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