Yeha Temple – Timeless Archeology

This post was written by Rhonda Sand on November 29, 2011
Posted Under: Biblical Archeology,Ethiopia

Rhonda Sand inside Yeha Temple, Northern EthiopiaThe Temple at Yeha is located near Adwa in Northern Ethiopia. There are so many people who visit Axum (Aksum) and of course Mekele in Northern Ethiopia for the festivals, stele’s and churches. I think they have really missed out by not taking in a personal tour of the Temple at Yeha. They have a small museum filled with Sabean writings and ancient Christian manuscripts and Bibles.

The structure pictured above has baptismal type water holders and significant stone work.

Watch for Yohannes Wolge’s work to be published in the coming year on this amazing site.

We stay in nearby Axum in order to reach it on a day trip. Thank you Yohannes for amazing insight! Rhonda Sand

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