A visit to the Dannakil Depression – Seeing God’s handywork

This post was written by Rhonda Sand on March 30, 2012
Posted Under: Biblical Archeology,Ethiopia

Many who watch prophecy indicate that this is another one of the signs that the heavens are God’s and so is the earth. The area of Ethiopia known as the Danakil Depression is not only the lowest and hottest place on earth, but it is also a geological site where you can see geologically where the great deep burst forth. The sites can be seen on a 2 night overland journey or a fly over on privately chartered itineraries. In addition, the dry area was once flooded by the Red Sea and it created huge salt basins. We had a great visit! We slept out under the stars and the coolest it got all night was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is a brief video of our drive across the salt flat on one of the trips. How amazing that this salt flat may also have been created by God’s causing the Red Sea to separate for the great Exodus of Egypt! I am also attaching a telling geological picture of the various shades of the earth that were pushed up in the Dannakil. It is clearly seen also because of a lack of foliage due to the heat and the gases that still are oozing out of the earth. If anyone has been to Yellowstone National Park and seen the thermal pools – the Dannakil tops it hands down! You can actually camp out at the thermal pools if you can withstand the heat. Creation teachers could go crazy out here! Let me know if you are up for this type of adventure…it is not for the unfit or for anyone who can’t enjoy 4 hours of intense 4 wheeling. Rhonda

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