A visit to the Dannakil Depression – Seeing God’s handywork

Many who watch prophecy indicate that this is another one of the signs that the heavens are God’s and so is the earth. The area of Ethiopia known as the Danakil Depression is not only the lowest and hottest place on earth, but it is also a geological site where you can see geologically where […]

Yeha Temple – Timeless Archeology

The Temple at Yeha is located near Adwa in Northern Ethiopia. There are so many people who visit Axum (Aksum) and of course Mekele in Northern Ethiopia for the festivals, stele’s and churches. I think they have really missed out by not taking in a personal tour of the Temple at Yeha. They have a […]

Lake Awasa & Runner Haile Selassie’s Signature Hotel

I am not sure why I am so captivated with Ethiopia and its history. It is as if Bible scholars barely know she exists. We recently returned and got to see Haile Gebre Selassie’s new hotel on beautiful Lake Awasa. Check out the photo above. Haile is the greatest long distance runner of all time. […]

Discovery of the First Resting Place of the Ark of Covenant in Ethiopia

On September 27, 2010 I was able to film our interview of Dr. Tewdros Abreham at the Palace of Dungur or Dungar Palace in Aksum (Axum), Ethiopia. Dr. Abreham is the curator of the museum at Aksum. This palace is known locally as the Queen of Sheba Palace. Interestingly there is a large lion inscription […]