Columbia River Fall Yachting Surprises

This past fall I went down and visited one of the yachts plus one of the larger ships that comes up the Columbia River. What an awesome surprise! The yacht – Safari Spirit and the small ships that come into Clarkston were brimming with passengers that have had great experiences both with the great outdoors […]

Proclaim it in the distant coastlands…

Jeremiah 31:10 has always been a favorite of mine.  Using ships and boats for transportation and accomodation is rarely considered on Christian mission trips.  But, I have worked with some creative mission minded Pastors who have allowed me to create a fantastic way of chartering and using ships, boats and other vessels to access remote […]

Site Inspection of Cruise West Vessels

Early this spring before the ships went into service I was able to take a look at 3 of the ships that are used in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Washington and Oregon).  The vessels do serve the charter market well and I like how we can begin necessary voyages near some of the […]

Taste of the Pacific Northwest River Cruise

Fall departures: September 13-October 18 This 8 day epicurean cruise on the Columbia River will feature the rich history and delicious flavors unique to this region. When it comes to the art of wine, Washington State knows its “terroir”-the combination of soil, climate and geography that makes wine distinct. You will be welcomed aboard in […]

Cruising the Columbia River

The Columbia River Gorge: A natural wind tunnel cutting it’s way through the Cascade Mountains to deliver the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean. This was the final destination of the famous Lewis & Clark Expedition in 1806, the discovery of the Northwest Passage. Traversing the mighty Columbia today is quite a different experience with […]